Travel and Geography in the Roman Empire

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Little fluvial transportation took place since the major pan-European rivers, the Rhine and the Danube, were military frontiers, not the core of the Empire.

Rome Geography for Ancient World History By Instructomania

The road served numerous functions, such as military movements, political control, cultural and economic trade. Road management and maintenance fell into four categories; via publica main public roads crossing provinces , via militaris maintained for military purposes , via vicinalis provincial roads that were connectors between towns and main roads , via privata managed by private land owners but public of access.

To improve the traveling speed posthouses with fresh horses were laid every 15 kilometers along the route and lodgings for travelers could be found about every 40 kilometers.

Ancient Maps: How Did the Romans See the World?

This 40 km corresponded to the average distance a traveler could cross each day. Courier services could travel twice that daily distance.

Still, since maritime transport was more efficient than road transport and it was less costly to ship grain from Egypt to Rome than to service Rome by road transport from other nearby areas of Italy. It linked Rome to Brundisium Brindisi.

Limited technology

As the empire grew, this system was expanded to cover 80, kilometers of first class roads at the height of the Roman Empire around AD. Fastest route or Cheapest route? How much money are you looking to spend to travel?

Did you say you are travelling during January of April? The number of options you have to try in this query is increases exponentially.

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Ancient maps combined together with modern-scientific models of weather years ago. Another website that provides a similar Roman route planner is OmnesViae. That said, OmnesViae map visualization is much more elegant to browse through.

The empire to 867

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