The Throne, the Lamb & the Dragon: A Readers Guide to the Book of Revelation

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In most circles, if there is any Our churches have fallen in with one line of thinking on escatology and this gives a perspective that isn't often understood.

The Book of Revelation Study Guide - 3 Main Characters + Themes - Timeline

Enjoyed it and gave away copies so others will also gain from this perspective. Previously he was professor of New Testament and dean of the faculty of religion at Ambrose Seminary in Calgary, Alberta.

Packer is regarded as one of the most influential evangelicals in North America. He has preached and lectured widely in Great Britain and North America and served as general editor of the English Standard Version of the Bible published in , and theological editor of the Study Bible version. Paul Spilsbury.

The Throne, the Lamb & the Dragon : A Reader's Guide to the Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation has long intrigued, puzzled and even frightened its readers. Surely it is the most misunderstood book in the Bible. And some faulty interpretations of Revelation are so entrenched in the consciousness of Christians that they are regarded as "gospel truth" and provide riveting plot lines for end-time fiction. But behind the ancient multimedia show that is Revelation lies a message both simple and profound. It is told in a language and grammar of faith that was clearly understood by its first Christian audience. Much as a music video would scarcely have been understood by first-century citizens, though it is immediately understood by youthful audiences today, so we are puzzled by and misread Revelation.

Paul Spilsbury has studied Revelation in the company of its best interpreters, those who have taken the time to enter the minds of the first-century Christians for whom it was originally written. Use this outline for reference as you study. These first words of Revelation may be the most ignored words of the entire book. Is his book apocalyptic literature?

In this lesson, we consider the seven declarations that John makes about Jesus Christ. A verse by verse exposition of Revelation One, verses The book was written because Jesus commanded it to be written. A study of what the Book of Revelation says about our Lord Jesus. Includes three senses in which the book is "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" the book's title.

The Book of Revelation

Looks at the songs of Revelation 4 and 5, and their revealing descriptions of Jesus the Lamb. Likewise, the messages to the seven churches. The messages all end in a similar way too. Rather than clutter the commentary on each message with repetition, we treat these elements in this separate reference. Explains what it means to spiritualize prophecy. These are all scenes in which songs of praise are sung in heaven. These four horses which John saw represent tribulations.

1 Peter was written primarily for the benefit of Christians who were suffering from

The white horse and its rider stands for earthly rule and authority and dominion. Every human being is subject to death. The middle chapters of the Book of Revelation, are visions of woes and troubles, plages and disasters. Not until chapter 19 does the end of sufferings come with victory in Jesus. Outlines seven principles of tribulation. This lesson is about the pit or abyss.

They had a sting in their tails like scorpions, and a few other surprises. He would be both king and high priest. Three beasts are among the main characters in the visions of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. The Dragon is one of these beasts. In this lesson we study the meaning of these three signs in the visions John received and saw.

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He blasphemes against God and heaven, and leads the whole world into evil. He makes war against the saints.

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