The Presidency and Economic Policy

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As the dollar devalued, people sold their greenbacks for gold. By late , Nixon decoupled the dollar from gold completely.

Larry Kudlow, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director, National Economic Council

Inflation was in the double-digits. Two of Nixon's other decisions created long-lasting, although not as obvious, economic impacts. Instead, the United States would train and arm local forces. Read the speech here. But his Doctrine made his long-term impact on the debt much more significant. It was at the offices of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate office building.

In Trump’s Economy, the Invisible Hand Belongs to the Government

The special prosecutor for Watergate sought audio tapes of conversations recorded by Nixon in the Oval Office. Nixon refused, claiming "executive privilege" made him immune. This wasn't a diplomatic affair nor did it secure the national interest. But the recession he created didn't end until after the Fed lowered interest rates. This move only spurred the inflation Nixon had created by ending the gold standard. It remained above 10 percent for almost a year.

Why President Bill Clinton's Economic Policies Were Effective

In , polls showed that 75 percent of Americans believed elected officials in Washington could be trusted to do what was right for the country. By , only a third believed so.

These 5 Trump Policies Are Leading Us Toward Economic Chaos | The Nation

This lack of faith in government led to Ronald Reagan's election in Nixon was born in California in He said the only gift he kept was his dog Checkers. In March , while Nixon was running against John F. JFK defeated Nixon in He defeated both vice president Hubert Humphrey and third-party candidate George Wallace, to become president in Expect the Democratic candidates for the Oval Office to propose and defend their own trade policies throughout the debates and the campaign.

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The healthcare debate is one of the most critical for Americans who are unsure of the future of the Affordable Care Act or what might replace it. With the U. Several Democratic candidates have been calling for higher taxes on investment gains and a reining-in of CEO pay, which has ballooned in recent years.

Plan to hear a lot more about this topic throughout the debates and the campaign. There are few issues that get voters' attention more than taxes. President Trump passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in his first year in office, which lowered tax rates for corporations and middle-class Americans, but his opponents argued that it benefited the wealthiest taxpayers and companies far more.

Democratic candidates will likely pounce on this topic and propose their own plans to cut taxes for lower-earning Americans. Get ready for Econ all over again.

President's Emerging Economic Policy: Picking Winners and Losers

The debate over whether capitalism is actually better for Americans than socialism or other forms of government is already ablaze, as some candidates have suggested several highly progressive agendas as their platforms. Issues like our ballooning debt and subsequent deficit will loom large over these debates, so expect a lot of questions about the role of the Federal Reserve and monetary policy.

Technology giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google are in the hot seat as politicians on both sides of the aisle call for their break up and demand they pay higher taxes or stop monetizing user data. Fiscal Policy. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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Climate Change. Student Debt. Here are some of the topics you can expect to hear. Compare Investment Accounts.