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The migration is often synchronized in the form of waves of butterflies that pass over a particular point.

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If the monarchs' starting point is a distance upwind from your position, such that the wind has an appropriate velocity and duration to carry them to you, butterflies will "fall out" to borrow a birding term and you will be graced, and perhaps dazzled, by their presence. If so, your chances of seeing roost trees are much improved.


A principal flyway is very likely defined by its geographic location along a path from a principal breeding area to the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains of Mexico. This latter mountain range seems to focus the migration in Mexico, and direct it towards the overwintering sites located in the Transvolcanic Belt of central Mexico.

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Nearby flower fields definitely improve your chances of seeing roosts. Often monarchs will come down in the afternoons to feed.

As the sun sets, they stop feeding and fly to nearby trees where they commence a search for eachother to form "transient night-time roosts. Monarchs will roost downwind of the wind direction when they form their roost.

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Sometime the wind reverses at night and they are caught in positions exposed to the wind. Especially in dry climates, monarchs seem to be attracted to cool, moist areas. When winds are coming from the south, they seek out these "riparian" areas to relax and hang out until the winds turn around.

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Once they do turn around, the monarchs are gone in a flash. Also in dry climates they prefer protected shelters afforded by overhanging trees. In the main flyway, an arc of oak or pecan trees over a stream channel will almost always yield a roost of migrants. In an area otherwise clear of trees, monarchs are often attracted to oases of isolated trees.

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How do Monarchs Find Roosts? In the eighties some research was done to identify a marking chemical that attracted butterflies to the Mexican overwintering roosts.

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