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This information can be used in the development of effective management strategies, which will hopefully minimize impact on agricultural production. Unable to display preview.

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(TMV)Tobacco Mosaic Virus in Hindi

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Bisaro DM Silencing suppression by geminivirus proteins. Virology — CrossRef Google Scholar. Candresse T, Cambra M Causal agent of sharka disease: historical perspective and current status of Plum pox virus strains. Phytopathology — Google Scholar. In: Harris KF ed Advances in disease vector research, vol Springer, New York, pp — Google Scholar. Garcia-Andres S, Accotto GP, Navas-Castillo J, Moriones E Founder effect, plant host, and recombination shape the emergent population of begomoviruses that cause the tomato yellow leaf curl disease in the Mediterranean basin.

Phytopathology — CrossRef Google Scholar. Hou Y-M, Gilbertson RL Increased pathogenicity in a pseudorecombinant bipartite geminivirus correlates with intermolecular recombination. Idris AM, Brown JK Cotton leaf crumple virus is a distinct Western Hemisphere begomovirus species with complex evolutionary relationships indicative of recombination and reassortment.

James D, Glasa M Causal agent of sharka disease: new and emerging events associated with Plum pox virus characterization.

Major current lines of research involve:

Legg JP Emergence, spread and strategies for controlling the pandemic of cassava mosaic disease in east and central Africa. Monci F, Sanchez-Campos S, Navas-Castillo J, Moriones E A natural recombinant between the geminiviruses Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus and Tomato yellow leaf curl virus exhibits a novel pathogenic phenotype and is becoming prevalent in Spanish populations. Science — CrossRef Google Scholar.

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Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Virtually all plant viruses are transmitted by insects or other organisms vectors that feed on plants. The hosts of animal viruses vary from protozoans single-celled animal organisms to humans.

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Many viruses infect either invertebrate animals or vertebrates, and some infect both. Certain viruses that cause serious diseases….

Movement of Plant Viruses

Plant virus es, however, have not evolved their own systems for injecting nucleic acids into host cells, and so they are transmitted by the proboscis of insects that feed on plants. In the laboratory, plant viruses penetrate plant cells if the….

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