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Volume DOI: Susan Broomhall. London and New York: Routledge. Digital Formations Series, Peter Lang. Michigan: University of Michigan Press. New York: Springer. Inscribing East Asian mixed race in Australia. London: Routledge. London: Palgrave Pivot. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Unravelling Authenticity and Credibility in a Brand Scandal.

New York: Palgrave Pivot. Part of DOI: Dec Influencers, social media, and the commodification of everyday life. Grotesque microcelebrity and carnivalesque commerce. The inside world of everyday chameleons. Creators, Journalists vs.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Search for:. And perhaps you also spend some of that time using social networks, checking out what your friends, relatives and acquaintances are up to. Into Overclockers always healthy and can ultimately lead to depression and bitterness. Head for the It seems like an obvious www. Available in website mentioned above for more details. On The Internet Well, that and a load of other stuff tinyurl.

A little down the line, it seems his words seem to have been more than a little prophetic, as news broke last week. L of further steps to limit the exposure of certain subreddits ast week, we reported on HammerToss tinyurl. Well, it would appear that the Apt 29 collective their passing, and we find it hard to summon up any sort credited with creating that clever process were not the only of storm-the-barricades indignation about it in a freedom ones to have the idea tinyurl.

Badger browser add-on tinyurl. Then we saw this footage posted to YouTube tinyurl. Anything check out some of his perfomance in this NSFW clip, if you like: tinyurl. Media Privacy concerns have the chance of winning absolutely nothing, except your words in a reports on the matter tell become a problem as drone white bubble. Ham radio just got a lot clearer. They really ARE taking over the world! Chief among them been officiated is the fact that it uses three by a computer. Bottom line is to call strikes and such like. Y applications for the jokes, with copyright pending. Was for a good cautionary tale nonetheless.

You could say that. Luckily, we have no such 14 million PCs upgraded to Windows 10 on problems with people stealing the first day of its release, further helped by the our jokes. A Free World you can ask for a lot of things, and President Obama robot in America has come to a sticky all the way to San Francisco had people treated him has given an Executive Order end as the not-so-loving people of a little nicer.

HitchBOT, for My trip must come to an end for now, but my love Obama wants an exabyte the uninitiated, was on a mission — a mission to for humans will never fade. You blew it up! Damn you Following the rather tragic set of get the job done. A G team of two in Birmingham, having ood times at quarter, with its 3 million teenagers and a previously worked on the apps Sony, with the units sold comparing well ten-year-old have at The National Museum of firm having against the 1.

Coming top of the announced One and Xbox units and that will stop you from putting ish entries was no mean more-than-triple year-on- just , units of the Wii the wrong fuel in your car. Nintendo, though. N L eeds is about Mbps. To impressive when playing games can happily handle resolutions front of the screen. Furthermore this end, the BLU has a at the maximum resolution.

Vivid technologies. Low Blue Light mode. The range of modes as from the gaming range underside of the screen around colours, clarity, and sharpness of of monitors. Naturally again from the gaming world, the screen. This is an exceptionally capable and impressive monitor. Also it appearance of a large flash would be easy for IT technicians drive. RAM, 16GB of on-board storage finish the setup procedure. This What could be a potential A very nice little gadget, more on that later , in built then requires verification from problem though is the on board but not all that practical wi-fi and low energy Bluetooth another machine, which could storage space.

However the facility 7 Value Overall it also has a typical range a pretty impressive piece of kit. As tablets go, this one is vodafone. However, there are things on. Also, on the rear, very latest technology, and I noticed four spring-loaded some less concurrent abilities.

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Vodafone pretty much as you might are offering a 4G connection expect. Specifications Screen: 9. However, the part MSM was really that probably disappoints. I'd wager that it's punch and contrast than this, and generally a delight to use. I Tab Prime 6. It exceptionally thin. It does of development in the tablet Value Overall compared with the Vodafone have the very latest Android space.

But essential maintenance on after completing its cleanup their machines. Naturally most After installation BoostSpeed were disabled. As my boot drive is and all my saved passwords to ensure that these days such highlighting areas that need an SSD I did not enable Auto had vanished. This time before a utility is almost mandatory. I thought I was Defrag, which could drastically letting BoostSpeed loose I took Yet they will merrily stand by pretty good at this, because reduce its life — although the trouble to save this data while their machines get I carry out my own cleanup to be honest I imagine the first.

Yet the Auslogics programmers will be have bothered, after doing of a little maintenance. Of program managed to find well aware of that. The Action its thing and recovering over course I realise that not over 1GB of junk files on my Centre was also flagged, yet 1 GB of drive space, all my everyone has the knowledge system. It also found issues this is simply an advert for links and passwords were still or perhaps the courage to regarding the system stability more Auslogics products. Also Boost Speed 8 has attempt this anyway.

However, and issues that affect the The last two options on the its own recover option that there are products out there overall speed of the machine. BoostSpeed 8 is pretty all- a full report on the results after Here you to easily get rid of encompassing. It covers all the the cleanup is completed. The last option is on the box. While there is no software that red circles with exclamation All Tools, which is basically a can act as a substitute for more marks alongside the other areas list of all the tools you could RAM, or a faster hard drive and that need your attention.

In my possible need for maintain CPU, if your machine is case this included the removal your system; it includes. Manager and more. However, The same goes for the M-Keys, it has proved itself as one of arranged in a short strip along the more popular keyboard the upper left of the keyboard. Speaking of comfort, the mm David Hayward for 18 possible customised It does have some niggles, K30 has a very natural feel. It presets , anti-ghosting, though, although nothing too usually takes a bit of time to A good choice of multimedia controls and a drastic or terrible.

The media get used to how a keyboard keyboard for gamers and satisfying keystroke that ends keys — play, stop, pause and performs, but not so much non-gamers alike with a mechanical-like Cherry so on — are located just above with the K Quality the difference. The keystrokes are accurate, well-spaced and offer a fluid travel across the number pad. Android boxes from the more With so much competition mediocre ones.

This latest in this case; we often come Playback of video, from either slightly more powerful CPU under the TV box from MyGica across Android media boxes an online source or from a and GPU too, as well as an air- looks interesting, but does it with really terrible remotes, local NAS drive or USB storage mouse remote. The apps load fast, and priced too.

There are a pair of USB 2. With a the device indicate a connection four quick-link buttons at the straight view it works fine, but to the network through the bottom for Netflix, Android if you move slightly to one side Quality Ethernet port, and the status and power of the device. The ATV is certainly a quick little Android box.

The or the other it tends to fail. E been a nice addition. The game racking up the points in a mechanics work well. There are a never ending quest to subdue few moments where, graphically, the enemy. It tells Exploration and discovery is the name of the game and far between. Other times it the story of a young girl, Miku, works well, and adds a sense of who has fled from violence and scale to the environment.

All is not and enjoyable title to play. These last skyscrapers, while locating his wounds. Other routes, instances are for the explorers, points to moor and explore on though, lead off the main with extra credit for finding all. A handy the sides of the buildings in a world and how it entered the map can be opened to help series of navigational puzzles. You also have of the structure, and possibly world, the journal entries include a telescope that can pinpoint. How those numbers memory seemed like a time now, mostly thanks to the show, it being the colour of the fare in real world computing lot.

Nowadays, though, Vengeance Pro range that was top of the heatsink. While that terms depends on the rest of released a couple of years ago. If you remove look at six potential Vengeance Pro pretty much has MHz on our motherboard, the stick from the motherboard something for everyone. We imagine that come off and perhaps get which are worth at in this instance is the 2x 8GB with a better motherboard in wedged under the board or DDR3 MHz Red version, place you could tweak it further dropped or something.

In short, overclockers will enjoy fiddling around with the Pro kits. The height of the sticks are T he Crucial Ballistix range is deigned purely for gaming or other such data intensive task. Needless to say, In terms of real-world Crucial has greatly improved then, the Crucial Ballistix Sport computing, we did see some the quality of its RAM over the is more compatible with larger slowdown on the games we years, and as a result the and intrusive heatsinks. Just to note, the motherboard owners will. The Ballistic Sport XT is 7 Quality also a little more compatible in both terms of specifications and dimensions.

And in all In real-world terms, ValueRAM really is these days. The basic gaming tests, since games Corsair Vengeance Pro Red. The older titles we It is a good kit, though, and limits is out of the question. Basically, will suffice and offer you a. O ur second Kingston entry of the group is of the better performing and subsequently more alluring HyperX range. There are various speeds We particularly liked the black to its default setting. Rather than new system.

The second most important factor. Surprisingly, SiSoft Sandra benchmark we is the pricing. After searching. After playing pricing levels. Admittedly, though, we worth checking around before. A lthough the likes of Crucial and Corsair seem to dominate the memory market, there are some other notable manufacturers worth paying attention to. Skill, of course, is among them; it does an incredible job of keeping its products in the same league as the more popular companies', but to do so it offers a little more than usual.

The G. Skill line of memory ranges from the entry-level The G. The especially a gaming setup. However, for able to better fit another. This puts the Other overclockers with specialist motherboards might fare better, though. However, overclocking abilities, the better performing Savage. Mushkin Redline 16GB and clock speeds could easily be improved. Considering the cost, currently the second highest by a pound, the Mushkin. Y Redline kit is pretty good ou can be forgiven value.

You get some great for thinking 'Who performance from these two the hell is Mushkin? For gamers, it goes the Redline. Moving up without saying. The sticks have a bright red heatspreader, using Corsair Vengeance but smaller in its default state and hitting the aptly named Mushkin than the TridentX. We TridentX at default speeds. With the Ridgeback MHz at 1. CO SC I. Good performance, not a bad price compatibility. Anyway, thanks for the mag. George Felding. Obey the law I just broke the law.

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In to own five houses and a boat, of a nervous disposition. I enjoy, by buying recordings music that I legally paid for Anon At least, I am if the courts of that somehow magically fit and insert it into a machine this country are to be believed. I suppose you want to know inside a thing plastic disc with a shiny bit on one side.

I simply called an MP3 player. After all, the life of a renegade This is a great arrangement Shocking, right? However, these CDs, citizens will realise that letters micromart. Mark Pickavance looks at the modern TV, and wonders if the concept has run into a brick wall commercially. For example, the Anyone in the film industry can tell you the long and generally notion of a significant portion of the country sitting bad history of bringing that extra third dimension to the big down at Christmas for a communal TV experience is screen. The current incarnation is at least the fourth attempt to one of historical interest, but far from a current reality.

However convert cinema from 2D to 3D. Each time, however, the public much those in the TV industry make Canute-like protestations, has largely rejected it as being a gimmick. It was name. Those more affordable; eventually those things happened, but then the interested in promoting 3D on TV saw it as a means to get the real trouble started. In June, Sky finally closed its last dedicated 3D channel, moving what content it will offer going forward to its on-demand services. One year 3D production lines or selling many with a limited number of visible was the headline feature in new products, and the very next it faults.

Alongside the enthusiasm for the technology, and the plummet, and it did. While the market for new flat-screen content that makes it worth having, the price premium for 3D monitors and TVs blossomed, the margins declined massively, has vaporised too. Much to the dismay of companies that had long-relied on brand kudos, with relatively little to differentiate between brands in terms of quality, price became almost the sole factor that drove sales. Thus, in a desperate attempt to create a premium market, and the greater profitability that offers, makers started to introduce new features that might make their screens more valuable in the eyes of the buying public.

As each new product season brought more functionality or gimmicks, if you prefer , the prices still dropped, however, as buyers continued to ignore everything but price. Seemingly ignorant to what the market was telling them, though, TV makers stormed ahead with 3D and other technological gilding, despite there being little or no evidence that the buying public were keen on having these things.

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Only now that almost all TVs have these features have the wave of a streaming revolution in content viewing. The the numbers started to increase. Users buying a new TV were forced to learn a new interface each time and hope or research that the Curved Displays streaming services they used were supported on whatever new Having failed to wow the public with 3D or smart features, a number platform they opted for.

The whole thrust of value of having these new video services available in their living curved displays seems odd, though. These allowed them to relocate the viewing to any display with a HDMI port in seconds, rather than have to replace all their TVs. For the The arguments made by TV makers as to why this is better technically minded, there are actually two distortions occurring when are quite funny if, like me, you tend to apply any great analysis we look at things, only one of which is the created by perspective.

This Is It! – The Final Satsang in Rishikesh - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO WATCH

This is caused by image magnification increasing vertical or horizontal midpoint of the screen. However, if you towards the edge of the visual frame, causing the centre to slightly live alone, sit three feet from your TV and remember a cinema bulge. The problem with addressing that effect is that how much experience that virtually nobody born in the past 50 years in this it occurs is specific to each person and even each of their eyes , so country will recall, then the curved TV is definitely for you.

Curved TV were the big product launch of for many What TV makers did instead was imagine the viewer is sat at a brands, but they still only represent a minority of TV sales. A focal apex and then curve their screens so that the edges are the same quick look at the TV section of a high street vendor revealed distance from the viewer as the centre. To experience any benefit of that of the plus TVs that they sell just 32 were curved; 21 this, however, the viewer or viewers need to be a very precise distance of those were made by Samsung, five by Panasonic, four by LG away from the screen, and the number of people who can sit in that and just two by Sony.

Possibly a close couple, neither of whom has been. They also represent the latest push from the TV makers to get people to upgrade perfectly good, working TVs to something new. Only and LG. However, there are numerous problems with 4K that, this year will smart TVs overtake dumb ones, and there is no significant in many respects, mimic the early days of HDTV, where the TVs growth in sales overall projected by appeared to be a solution in search of the problem.

The major difficulties in this case are the almost complete lack of 4K content with which to show off your new purchase and the bandwidth issues in bringing it to a set through existing pathways. There are some sources for 4K streams, like Amazon, but the selection is very limited and requires a very good broadband connection to maintain a smooth frame-rate.

There are other problems with it from both a technical standpoint, and also in the public perception of the technology: that it is relatively difficult to differentiate from HDTV in many circumstances. The truth is, though, that it will probably only move forward with any real momentum when the TV makers stop making p panels for good and people are forced to take up the option.

Sales Or Profit But Not Both Having outlined the multiple attempts that TV makers have made to inject some pace into TV sales, it pays to remind ourselves just how disappointing, at best, the results have been. To put it in perspective, the global market for TVs is hovering around million units, and Apple will sell more iPhones than that alone The best a human eye can generally see is about a 0. Net income was just and only really in the centre section of the eye. However, the number of homes.

Other potential pitfalls have emerged in recent months for those who got on the 4K bandwagon early, to do with the frame-rate in profit. When releasing these hard numbers, LG projected that these displays can handle. Some manufacturers have held out an olive branch to their customers lacking MHz frame-rates in their TVs, though mostly in order to beat them a little harder. The elephant in this lounge, though, is VR technology. That will see monitors and displays come in head-mounted solutions, where the apparent scale of the presentation is a configuration choice, not a cost implication.

If we start watching streamed shows and live broadcasts through these devices, then the market for TVs, smart or otherwise, might dry up remarkably quickly. With live channels on interactive catch-up and streamed ones inherently rewatchable, the need for live recording is largely moot. Both Sharp and Panasonic admitted to a steep drop in Given the billions splashed on the various enhancements sales at the end of , and their intention is now to focus on and their marketing and how badly most of these have played home market sales where they could make profit.

There is a consider withdrawing from the US market. More people easily go out of business. That suggests that demand is generally weak, could easily be scuppered by any regional economic downturns and, for most of those involved, only borderline profitable. Final Thoughts Thinking deeply about TVs in general has made this writer realise that, while we wanted large flat displays for at least 40 years before they became a reality, when they eventually turned up, TV viewing had changed dramatically and the need for them was suddenly in question.

The viewing evolution, alternative personal devices like tablets and phones, the failure of new features to engage the public and too many brands are making TV manufacturing a risky business. Possibly more problematically, the justification for the value added parts that TV makers seem inclined to add appears to have little or no impact on sales.

Buyers are generally looking for size and a build quality, but at a price. Roland Waddilove shows how to create them. A symlink — or symbolic link, to give it its full name — is a A symlink is virtually transparent to an application, and can useful feature that was introduced into Windows Vista also be used to move a folder or a file to some place else, and has been carried through all the way to Windows while allowing it to be accessed using the old file path. It fools It enables files and folders to be moved without breaking applications and Windows into thinking the file or folder is still at compatibility with the operating system or applications, and has the old location when in fact it is somewhere else.

They have an interesting or 2TB for example, but a small internal disk drive that is nearly history in Windows, though, one that makes it is easy to see why full, you could move files and folders to the external drive where Microsoft built in support for them when you look at Windows XP there is lots of space.

It is also an excellent demonstration of their uses too. SSDs are much smaller than mechanical disk drives, so if you If you have access to a Windows XP computer, open Explorer replace the drive in your PC with a fast SSD you could easily and look at the root of the disk drive. Moving files or folders to the external Documents and settings. Applications store data there, and you can disk and replacing them with a symlink is the perfect solution. Windows 7, 8 and 10 folder to an external drive and you will quickly discover that it continue to use this scheme.

The problem is that many applications does not work. Applications then continue to work exactly for it, and you must carefully enter the command and the right as they did before with Windows XP, because they think that parameters. Use mklink to create symbolic links. On its own it displays help information. Type mklink at the command prompt to see the help Third Party Tools information. Ignore hard links and junctions, which are The mklink command line utility is not hard to use, but long paths variations of symbolic links and the command boils down to two are prone to typing slips and are tedious to input.

It is command like this: designed to make it easier to move programs to new folders or drives. Then click the plus button and it lists the programs that can be moved. Select the ones you want to add to the Link is the symbolic link to create and Target is the new location source list.

Clicking the right arrow moves the source items to the it points to. To move a folder, or directory as it is sometimes called, destination folder and replaces it with a symbolic link. Right click a folder and select Pick Two very simple file and folder paths have been used here Link Source, go to another folder and select Drop As, Symbolic Link. It and if there were spaces in the names you would have to use creates the symbolic link to the source folder.

As with SymMove, it seems a bit unreliable, In practice what you would do is to move the file or folder working some times, but not others. It is worth trying though. Then create the symlink in the original location. A shortcut is a pointer different type of symlink. They are links to the actual location of the program. An icon is added to the desktop that, when clicked, opens the folder or file, or runs the program. You are prompted to enter the path to the program, file or folder and the shortcut is created.

The difference between a shortcut and a symlink is that a shortcut cannot replace a file or folder, it is an icon that points to it. Replace it with a symbolic link and it will be fine though. It is because of the deeper integration with the file system. SymMove can be used to move software to a new location using symlinks.

H Are our computers damaging ow many hours per day do you spend on a computer? For most of us, at least eight, right? We sit in front of a computer our mental health? And if so, can all day at work and then probably come home and use our own PCs to browse the internet, play games, interact with people on they also help us overcome that social media or watch Netflix.

Throw in the time we spend messing with our smartphones, and it adds up to an awful lot of time spent damage? Sarah Dobbs finds out… looking at a screen, rather than other humans. And unfortunately, that might be a problem, because recent studies have started linking heavy computer usage to all kinds of health issues, from obesity to depression. That might include Facebook, or it might be done about it. Again, you can set timers, so you can get back on your favourite sites later. Since Netflix will keep playing TV and get your eyes tested. One of the biggest studies was carried out by Chiba University the sofa and stretch your legs.

Most similar conclusion when they surveyed 1, people in the UK. The problem is new bonds with people you might not meet in reality. But if you reckon using them is starting to do you more The thing you have to keep in mind is that everyone tries harm than good, it might be time to limit the length of time you to make themselves look good on social media.

Freedom macfreedom. Even Taylor Swift letting you get on with your life without being tempted to just check has her off day. For those people, then, it might be useful to find networks and apps that offer something more than the endless cycles of bragging that Instagram and Facebook can devolve into. Something like 7 Cups Of Tea www. Created by psychologist Glen Moriarty, the site offers a free and anonymous connection to a trained listener. Still, sometimes injury, bullying, and violent or graphic content. Users can generally report infringing material, but by then And all of us could probably do with more regular screen breaks, the damage may be done.

Tumblr has also begun to add content warnings to certain blogs; outright harmful content is removed, but since some The Samaritans users have said they find it helpful to be able to talk about things like Phone: Website: samaritans. Phone: Website: www. Another mental health charity, the Mind phone lines are Although no such system is ever going to be completely perfect, open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and can help with it seems like Tumblr is setting a good example that other sites might advice on where to get help — for yourself or others.

If reduced to smithereens. At least in the latter case, that person had something to drink to console himself afterwards. That, as you might have guessed, includes messing around with the software they run, by flashing new Android ROMs or jailbreaking iPhones. To Zorin 10 knock the popularity of the be honest, I like it. Needless to say, it looks machine. Until next week, folks. Cinnamon on Korora looks pretty good to me. A fter what seemed an conditioning, which in a room AmigaKit, A-Eon eternity of waiting full of Amigas is no bad thing.

Technology and Hyperion until Sunday 2nd At the rear of the room was Entertainment were all August, I had the an array of machines with setting up at the rear of the pleasure of attending the UK not only another Amiga room too as the AV and PA celebration event for the 30th and frankly I think this might equipment was all going into anniversary of the Amiga have been the first time I'd place ready for the attendees unveiling.

The event, run by seen two units of the machine to arrive. Sven Harvey has Amiga models were Silicon Vault gave the room The event had yet to represented on display. You'll find out more 16 years drawing on then I grabbed a little bit Commodore's hand built, and in the next Amiga Mart in his 25 years retailing of table space and set up rarer than the C65, AT. After a little while, games and even longer Stephen Jones turned up and writing about them. At this point, I realised my faux pax as this was Amiga the chap behind the A case replacement kit for Some of the Commodore Amiga machines on display the A from Checkmate Digital Amiga Case Kickstarter He noticed, and Phillippe Lang has put together a Kickstarter campaign to I got mildly embarrassed!

However, these are enhanced casings with easy cut-outs The rest of the other tables and custom blanking plates for various popular A reserved for displays were enhancements, including holes for a CF card, a trapdoor all being set up during the expansion cover with ventilation, rear blanking plate morning as registration for with HDMI or DVI out and a display slot for the read-out the event started at midday from the HxC floppy disk drive emulator see hxc They even have a set of embossed signatures inside, past, so once all my stuff was A style!

Though not more expensive limited colour runs. Check it out at goo. T hough there have been frankly unusable at worst. Some, like game was changed. Ian McGurren is pioneering. But have become the phones of grade build and design, as the professional writer those that have made the biggest choice for those wanting a good Moto G is now included as part and a pretty amateur impact have often been the ones device for a small outlay.

What's of Motorola's Moto Maker electronic musician. He likes gadgetry and technology to a whole new, other manufacturers to reconsider So while there's no bigger audience. In the pre- what they claim to be a worthy misunderstanding of which loves making gadgets smartphone era, that award was budget device. Released in , the first got. In , though, there's 4G Those in the know will want generation Moto G was, at the out of the box, and while there's the 2GB version, especially with time, ground-breaking in terms of no change in the screen size or the Moto G being likely to get power and capability ratios to resolution it's still a great Android M very soon after price.

Before this, most budget example anyway , the CPU and launch. Now the bargain of the past, and many premium devices, like the LG G3 are regularly found for around that on the likes of Amazon Warehouse. However, while they may have the edge in terms of hardware, the Moto G is still a pure Google device well, with a bit of Lenovo and will get the new shiny toys first.

So another year, another Moto G, though this one looks to be the most complete and competent since the first, and while Chinese phones are making inroads all the time and budget handsets are not what they used to be, the original G on the block still rules. T hose who know NAS and journalists can see and use some great prizes and goodie devices know that new and existing devices. The new Northumberland Avenue due to a need for more space. Having Hardware videos among other features. I am excited to see the new updates myself, and the new venue is stunning. Our guests are in for a real treat this year.

Synology users… get excited! To reserve a place at this free event and to see the agenda, go to www. Submerged, an indie. Swedish developer has been Donkey Kong is probably about There was some discussion in gradually pulling back the two minutes, for example. You can forces, and the first to reach monsters waiting here to eat certainly see more than a hint kills wins the game. Just you. Vader, either. Instead, it aims. Star Wars Battlefront is getting its own Deathmatch mode.

In Blast, v- 10 battles take place in confined, weapon-strewn maps. Greedo really does shoot first here. Company registered in England No This publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form in whole or in part without the written consent of the publisher. Quotations for re-prints or other use of material are available on application. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to comply with the order. It is an offence for which you may be prosecuted not to advertise the fact that you are a trader. Subscriptions rates available on request.

Micro Mart welcomes the submission of articles and reviews for publication. Please enclose a stamped self adressed envelope; otherwise the return of material cannot be guaranteed. Contributions accepted for publication by Dennis Publishing will be on an all-rights basis. Views or opinions expressed by freelance contributors are not necessarily those of Dennis Publishing. Whilst every care is taken the publishers cannot be held legally responsible for any errors in articles or advertisements or any resulting unsatisfactory transactions. We will however investigate incidents on a written complaint.

This publication may not be reproduced in or transmitted in any form in whole or in part without the written consent of the publishers. ISSN Dell D laptop. Rock solid board removed activated. Fantastic condition. UK postage. Tel: Dave good battery life. You can collect from Manchester or Portsmouth Have you got any old kit lying port.

Why not ad- watt in its class. Removed from my RAM. Working Laptop pull, Email: davethomas96 aol. There are thousands CTBC Very good battery life. Removed from Email: ochdgh aol. Call for — so get in touch and save my Windows 8 machine. It has Win 7 your kit from going to the tip! Very fast bit installed and activated with a Tel: Dave 2. Acer Aspire laptop. No Email: ochdgh aol. Tel: Dave Thomas hard disc. Otherwise in excellent Cheaper than any on Ebay.

Very or condition. In laptop bag. You can collect Email: davethomas96 aol. Display at or I can courier out to you next day Desktop PC. Please call all email 3. The best graphics for any questions. Collection Big performance, small form factor, genuine certificate of authenticity. Tel: Dave Email: davethomas96 aol. From my Windows 8 machine. Please 27" iMac. No keyboard or mouse. Supplied in machine. Bluetooth, USB3. Fantastic condition very fast. Excellent SATA 2. Fully tested. Could be an easy Perfect working order.

Partitioned Network. Free postage. Paypal accepted. Windows Clips holding CPU cooler Email: pat4cars aol. Boxed with CD of installation down. Free, collect only. North Wales.

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Tel: Ian Email: davethomas96 aol. Email for printer. Perfect condition. HP Compaq delivery. Tel: Pat 2. In Perfect condition. E-mail: scobieg09 gmail. In perfect working order. For sale davethomas96 aol. Disks Manuals spare Keyboard Very fast drive. This is a rare fully Free delivery. PayPal accepted. Email: david ewles.

Tel: Gordon Tel: Email: geofry tiscali. Email: hc gmail. SLI PC2 epp Great Perfect working order. Payment via PayPal. Hard Drive. Excellent Condition.