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Instead, as in most of her works, her writing is alive with no-holds-barred anger. And they deliver Ms. What Ms. Despentes rejects, above all, is the victimization of women. It would be easy for a director of this material to lapse into vulgarity, but Ms. At one point, the actors appear in T-shirts printed with images of breasts; one wears underwear depicting a penis, while another emerges with a dildo strapped to her crotch.

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The cast clearly relishes Ms. The topic at that moment was female masturbation.

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Suddenly, the lights went up, and one actor asked onlookers for their thoughts. For instance, their recent passion for watching trashy TV shows.

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As if it were fun, as if it were innocent, as if it were anything but pure surrender, and as such, totally unacceptable. She could give them a hard time about it, but she senses that other people are tired and discouraged. Not everyone is like her: still ready to go mad with rage and smash the place up.

Virginie Despentes

Docility, lassitude, complacency — these are adult failings in Despentes. Her muses are always teenage girls: restless, contemptuous young things bucking for experience, much like the girl she once was.

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  4. Despentes is quick to identify where the movement still needs to make inroads: childcare, equal pay, and the redefinitions of gendered ideals like success. Get Bitch Media's top 9 reads of the week delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning! Sign up for the Weekly Reader:. The book sounds interesting On a somewhat unrelated note, the Twilight Saga is the worst case of "damsel-in-distress-ifying" I have ever come across!!

    This is a link to an article on King Kong Theory written in the Observer I believe over a year ago that fits my general opinion of it as well. I personally am not a fan of Virginie Despentes.

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    I find her conclusions, arguments, and style of writing alienating and brutally guilty of vulgar and vast over-generalizations and crude sexist let's not forget that men can be 'victims' of sexism as well insults towards men. She just seems fucking excuse my French, pun and illustrative point intended angry, just so angry-not that there's anything wrong with that-but when that's all I'm getting from her film work and her theorizing, I cannot in all seriousness consider her any sort of legitimate feminist theorist or writer or literati. She doesen't make this feminist's heart melt. Just saying.

    Gives a truly different perspective from the mainstream feminist and chauvinist perspectives on women, their bodies and their empowerment.