Joint Meeting, Munich 1968: Special Reprint of the Gynecological Section

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She is currently working to finalize her dissertation for the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki on the regulatory pluralism of biomedicine and genetics. The HCB operates as core Biobank for several national and international clinical studies as well as an integrated hospital Biobank. As Scientific Project Manager she takes care of large scale international projects.

Tanja is mainly responsible for the development of SOPs for preanalytical sample processing, sample logistics and the QM analyses. She also assists with the preparation of research project proposals and their administrative operations. Tanja studied Biology at the University of Heidelberg with the focus on biomedical research. In addition to her graduate research and subsequent postdoctoral fellowship, she maintained the SCBI Genome Resource Bank which stores gametes and genetic materials from wildlife species.

She joined the CVB in , where she oversees the laboratory operations for nucleic acid processing and banking. She has studied political sciences and holds an additional MBA in scientific management. After the war on the Balkans she was engaged for nearly a decade in the reorganization of the medical education in Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia and Serbia financed by World Bank and European Commission Funds.

Currently her work explores the social, regulatory and ethical dimensions of biomedicine focusing on biobanking, broad consent, consent for pediatric biobanking, healthcare-embedded biobanking and the GDPR with several studies in empirical ethics concerning motivation, attitudes and understanding of participants in biobank research. During his PhD Sebastian analyzed various aspects of spontaneous differentiation of hESC as well as reprogramming related questions.

Therefore he was able to acquire a profound spectrum of stem cell and reprogramming and differentiation expertise.

MEDLIB-L Archives

During his time at the Max Delbrueck Center in Berlin and at Stanford Sebastian Diecke was and still is involved in teaching classes as well as leading and teaching research technicians. At that time he was interested in metabolic disorders and biochemical genetics. He became an associate professor in oncology in Elke Berneel is Biobank quality engineer of the Bioresource center Ghent.

She obtained her Master degree in Biomedical Sciences in , with a specialization in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. From she worked as an assisting academic staff member at Ghent University and in she received her PhD in cartilage and meniscus tissue engineering.

Since she works as a quality engineer in the Bioresource center Ghent, the central biobank facility of Ghent University Hospital. His main responsibilities are to oversee the strategic direction of the project and to ensure we are delivering on our exciting goals and objectives. These help ensure that UK biobanks are visible for the research community. The field is quite complex, with a wide range of stakeholders, and part of his role is to ensure that we understand the various needs, concerns and opportunities around.

His background is in application development and data analytics with a PhD in AI and health informatics. Therefore, the focus of the work in the UK is around the data systems and data integration to assist biobanks connecting to the wider world. Since she is one of the founders and coordinators of the Moli-sani study, an epidemiological prospective project on nearly 25, adults living in the Molise Region, which evaluates the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean Diet on cardiovascular health and quality of life. In association with this study a population biobank Moli-bank has been established 13 years ago and is presently storing over 1 million samples of biological fluids from the study participants.

Index: In addition to performing statistical analyses for biobank studies, Mikko excellences in developing computer vision and machine learning solutions. Mikko holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics. Manuela Nagel studied agricultural sciences at the University of Gottingen, Germany. During her PhD she discovered her passion for seed science and long-term survival of plant genetic resources. Since , as head of the cryo- and stress biology group at IPK Gatersleben, she has managed the cryobank which preserves around 1, genotypes of potato, garlic and mint in cryo.

Further, her research projects involve long-term storage of vegetatively-propagated crops, stress response and mechanisms during cryopreservation, the effect of endophytes and seed and pollen viability. Using Neural Networks to Predict Seed Longevity Long-term storage of orthodox, desiccation-tolerant seeds is important to conserve plant genetic resources for research, breeding and future applications.

The federal ex situ genebank for agricultural and horticultural plants in Gatersleben, Germany, preserves more than , accessions of about 3, different species. To assess the viability status of the different collections and the necessity of seed regeneration, more than , germination tests have been conducted since The current study aims to use the results of the germination tests to predict seed longevity and to support the genebank management.

Therefore, results of two statistical approaches, the probit analysis and neural networks, were compared for important crop species such as barley Hordeum vulgare , oilseed rape Brassica napus and sugar beet Beta vulgaris. The best and accurate predictions were achieved for neural networks using high data quantity and additional historic data. When only germination data were used, the results of the probit analysis were comparable with the predictions of the neural networks. In conclusion, when a high data quantity and quality is available, the application of neural networks on genebank data may elucidate indicators of seed longevity and support genebank management in future.

Her work at the genome center focuses on behavioral research in genomics and the ethical, legal and societal issues related to the use of genomic information generated by the genome center. Philipp Ciba is biologist and expert in cell technology. Coming from human adult stem cell research his work now focuses on cryopreservation and biobanking of cultured cells from various species aiming at improved methods and technologies for cryopreservation and storage of life cell material and the assessment of cellular changes resulting from these processes.

Moreover, he is focusing on the development of cell based in vitro systems for veterinary diagnostics and vaccine development. Preserving Biodiversity and Promoting Technological Innovation through Zoo Biobanking The German Cell Bank for Wildlife collects cell cultures from zoo animals to preserve biological information in the long term and enable research and innovation.

It is led by the Fraunhofer EMB, which has a strong research focus on human and animal cell technologies. For example, bioreactor technologies, cell culture systems for virus propagation and methods and devices for cryopreservation and long-term storage of biological samples are developed. Therefore, the German Cell Bank for Wildlife possesses profound methodological expertise and a strong scientific network.

The zoo animal samples are housed in a modern biobank facility, which is part of the Luebeck central biobank, a collaboration of several institutes and clinics on the campus. Since the establishment in , the German Cell Bank for Wildlife has collected a stock of more than samples from species and breeds and contributed proliferative cell culture samples to several research projects. Examples for this have been the development of a trout cell based cardiac test system for pharmacological research and a production system for Koi Herpes Virus KHV used for diagnostics and vaccine production, proofing the usefulness of preserving biodiversity on the cell level and demonstrating the large scientific value of wildlife and zoo cell culture collections.

In this, she employs advanced analyses and statistical frameworks to analyse small to large scale datasets. Her research focus has been aimed at evolution, demography, adaptation, selection and conservation of the great apes. The core focus of the EAZA Biobank is on population management and conservation research, with the collection empowering the use of molecular genetic data for use in guiding management, health and welfare practices for collections and species conservation.

Bank on It! How Zoos are Banking for Species Conservation For an increasing number of species, drastic reductions in population sizes can lead to rapid loss of genetic diversity and thus threat of extinction. The crux of modern zoo and aquarium work is species conservation. One of the ways to achieve this is through the joint species management programmes. To attain healthy self-sustaining populations, the EEPs rely on intensive demographic and genetic management for their success. In recent years, technological advances, along with decreased costs, have made molecular tools more readily available to zoo and conservation communities alike, creating additional research and management opportunities, if samples are available.

The EAZA Biobank, serving over zoos and aquaria has established a standardized, accessible, optimally maintained repository for comprehensive, long-term storage of biological material from hundreds of species. Banking of DNA, as well as cryopreservation of reproductive material like germplasm or gonadal tissue, has enormous potential to not only preserve, but also restore lost genetic diversity, thus requiring fewer individuals to maintain healthier populations for more species, making it much more sustainable over time and potentially saving more species from extinction.

This biobank can greatly benefit conservation efforts and strengthen the quality of the research produced, for population management as well as more fundamental research questions. Despite the prospects of this, there still exist areas for continued development, including species appropriate methods and protocols, research on wildlife cryopreservation, resources and partnerships with researchers and institutions. Information platform e-Czlowiek.

Now the Department of Antropology and Biobank Lab from University of Lodz joined their forces to digitalize theirs biological resources. Biobank Lab deliver samples of saliva collected from modern Polish population, analyzed on DNA microarrays c. For each skeleton is performed 3D scan of skeleton remains and DNA sequencing — full genomes in low coverage. Therefore huge data gap will be closed when publishing this repository. In the field of aDNA there are mainly data obtained from neolithic and ancient samples, there are not many data from more modern samples like middle ages.

What makes this collection unique in the world scale the most is that samples are obtained from the same region. This allows to track microevolutional and genomic changes in society among one thousand years. Although we have only past half the project, first analysis are leading us to very interesting conclusions… Founding: POPC. Dr Bartels has extensive experience in wildlife management, including game capture and translocation of wildlife. In , Paul joined the Department of Nature Conservation of the Tshwane University of Technology where he teaches undergraduate courses and supervises post-graduate students.

In , Paul was the recipient of the African Entrepreneurship Award. Wildlife Biomaterial Collection and Banking — Sometimes Dangerous, Always Necessary Wildlife sample collection and biobanking has become a part of mainstream conservation activities in South Africa, where many wildlife managers recognize the necessity for the opportunistic collection and banking of wildlife biomaterials, for both current and future purposes. In a number of cases, the prospective collection of biomaterial samples has become mandatory, such as with the collection of DNA from some TOPS registered species, including the cheetah and blue cranes.

In such cases, the collected samples are used to construct genetic identification profiles of individual animals. Such DNA profiles may be used as evidence in the prosecution of individuals caught participating in the illegal trade in wildlife. Banked wildlife biomaterials are being used to manage some isolated wildlife populations. There is even a somewhat futuristic species recovery plan of an extinct species, the Northern white rhino 2 live females as of July , where developing technology may one day see the Northern white rhino roaming the plains of Africa.

Collecting biomaterial samples from wildlife species has become routine, however, as with domestic species, where people may be attacked under certain conditions, certainly being attacked by some wildlife species can present a somewhat more severe outcome for the sample collector. Having a thorough knowledge of animal behavior and an actionable Plan B will go a long way in keeping biobank personnel in one piece. When the opportunity presents itself, always bank down wildlife biomaterials.

Excess or obsolete samples can always be destroyed, but one can never recover samples that were never collected in the first place. Lambardi has wide-ranging expertise in plant biotechnology and in vitro culture systems. He has been invited speaker at many national and international congresses and post-degree courses, and is author or co-author of more than scientific papers, reviews, books and book chapters on plant tissue culture, micropropagation, in vitro conservation and cryopreservation.

A collaboration with the CNR-IBE of Florence has been established with the aim to explore the possibility to duplicate in cryo-bank this valuable germplasm. The dormant-bud technique has been considered the most suitable, as it allows to avoid the high costs and time required by the application of micropropagation-based cryo-techniques.

A programme was then initiated with apple germplasm. However, one main question arised: can an effective procedure be developed for apple polyclonal varieties maintained in screen-house, i. Four cultivars from the screen-house, and 2 from the field, some of them with medium-high tendency to mutation of fruit characteristics, have been tested. Chip-budding on selected rootstocks, using buds from cryopreservation, was performed in Spring.

These preliminary results demonstrate the high effectiveness of the technique, even when applied to material from plants in screen-house and subjected to mild winter. Carsten Pilger is a graduate chemist specialized in inorganic and analytical chemistry with extensive experience in the production, application and approval of medicinal gases.

After studying and obtaining his doctorate in analytical chemistry, he has gained experience in vari-ous applications of gases in various activities as application chemist. As part of his subsequent work at Messer Griesheim GmbH now Air Liquide Medical GmbH as project manager for the drug ap-proval of xenon as anesthetic gas, he initiated basic developments for the microbiological analysis of gases and their primary packaging. Consequently, he validated and established them as a routine method.

As part of his work at Air Liquide Medical GmbH, he was responsible for the authorization of me-dicinal gases as a drug. One part of the authorization process is the proof of their microbiological safety. This has been reviewed by the Authorities as part of the drug approval process. Included are the relevant aspects which are influenced due to the production process of cryogenic rectification. These are for example: Microbiological status of the product, specification of the product in terms of purity explanation of the difference between medical and technical specifications of gases and the regulatory status of the product.

The key question for the customer is and will be for the future: Is this product of additional value for the customer with regard to liquefied nitrogen as medical device? She is author and co-author of over 40 conference presentations e. European Conference on Biomaterials. Melanie Goisauf holds a doctoral degree from the University of Vienna. Her current research focuses on the ethical, legal and societal implications ELSI of biobanking and related questions of governance and data sharing. Her recent research activities include the implementation of public engagement events within the Austrian national node of BBMRI and of a Europe-wide survey to identify challenges arising from ethical and legal developments in the field of biobanking.

The main research areas were oncogenetics, investigation of HPV and cancer biomarkers. Under the initiative of Z. She was a group member in Lithuanian Ministry of Health who focused on the preparation of Cervical cancer screening program started in Lithuania since and worked on the negotiation of the biobanking Law in Lithuania approved by the Government in Also she is the author of many articles and monographs in Lithuania, supervisor for bachelors, master and PhD students jobs. In her current role as Head of Department at Biobanken norr in northern Sweden, she has been given the opportunity to run an innovation project that has opened up a whole new dimension — the one connecting computers to our reality.

Through the use of holograms, the employees at Biobanken norr receive guidance in their daily work handling valuable research samples. After working for 7 years as a midwife she got married, moved to The Netherlands and made a carrier change. In , when the Radboud Biobank was established Lovice joined the team.

Since then she has become a member of the biobank management team and she is responsible for the Quality Management System. Jennifer E. Her primary role is to synergize IT and research spheres to promote high quality data storage and handling. She also monitors the use of residual biomaterial in the Radboudumc. Jennifer has keen interest in spearheading data sharing initiatives and promoting transparency in scientific research. In , she relocated to the Netherlands and conducted her pre-doctoral work with the Department of Geriatric Medicine, Radboudumc Nijmegen.

During these years, he has taught genetics classes at the university and in different doctoral programs. He has participated in several national and European research projects. His research work has been carried out in the fields of genetics, microbiology and samples quality in biobanks. He has worked for 7 years in private companies in the development of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, as manager of the Department of Molecular Diagnosis As of to the present, he works in the molecular Biology department of the Andalusian Public Health System Biobank Spain , focused on the development of molecular techniques and biomarkers analysis.

She has over 15 years of experience working at large cancer care centers. Through her education and experience in surgical pathology and biobank management, she has gained a working knowledge of processes and workflow improvements, accreditations and standards, operational challenges, contingency and financial planning. Heidi is actively involved in global biobanking organizations and is currently serving on multiple committees and working group of International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories ISBER.

Heidi continues to publish in scientific journals and present at national and international conferences. He was a postdoc at Colombia and Yale University in His main scientific interests are human genetics, genomics of complex diseases and population based biobanks and application of the precision medicine in health care, at BCM, Houston, as a visiting faculty and year at IARC, Lyon, France as a recipient of the International VSS Award and in sabbatical at University of Lausanne. From to A. Metspalu is the past president of the European Society of the Human Genetics. His H-index is Nahla Afifi has numerous published researches in her field of expertise.

QBB is a multinational cohort including 33 different nationalities with a relatively young population mean age, Her major research is in the filed of human genetics and genomics. She has devoted her efforts to develop DNA and tissue biobanks in neuropsychiatry, oncology and rare genetic disorders at Medical University of Sofia.

Her current goal is the establishment of the Bulgarian national node and promoting the role of biobanks in translational research and precision medicine. At Nightingale she develops projects together with scientists from all over the globe, ensuring that high-quality metabolomics is becoming the standard for any blood sample collection and by that driving clinical translation and personalized medicine.

The European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center has undertaken a metastasis tumor tissue study together with the South Swedish healthcare region, comprising 10 hospitals with a population of 2 Mill. The Melanoma study undertakes protein expression analysis of one hundred eleven melanoma lymph node metastases that were surgically isolated, following strict guidelines, using high resolution mass spectrometry is coupled with in-depth histopathology analysis, clinical data and genomics profiles.

This wide-ranging view of protein expression allowed to identify novel candidate protein markers that improved prediction of survival in melanoma patients. We were able to distinguish long survivors from the short survivor patient group. Some of these prognostic proteins have not been reported in the context of melanoma before, and few of them exhibit unexpected relationship to survival, which likely reflects the limitations of current knowledge on melanoma and shows the potential of Proteomics being integrated within clinical cancer research.

Elke Smits joined Devgen Inc, a spin-off company in Gent, as manager molecular cell biology for target discovery and drug development projects. In , she became senior scientist at the Flemish Science Policy Council, the advisory body for the Flemish regional government concerning science and innovation policy. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles, holds several patents, wrote many policy advices and recommendations and authored the study series Technology and Innovation in Flanders: Priorities. She holds a visiting professorship position at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Antwerp and is liaison officer for the Clinical Research Center Antwerp.

She served for a term as councilor, president-elect, president, and past-president. She currently holds a grant from the Government of the Balearic Islands to work on her Ph. Sabrina Schmitt graduated in biology from Heidelberg University and received her PhD in T-cell immunology which was followed by a postdoc position on wound healing mechanisms at the Heidelberg University Hospital. She is full member in the quality management core team of the German Biobank Alliance bbmri. Sabrina is actively involved in the implementation of the standard into the German accreditation system as a full member of the working group biobanking of the DAkkS German Accreditation body.

Since , he is involved in epidemiology and prevention of Chronic Diseases, in particular Cardiovascular Diseases CVD in Public Health; in particular, in survival analysis from population-based registers of coronary and cerebrovascular events data; estimation and projection of incidence and prevalence of major fatal and non-fatal CVD events from longitudinal studies data; settlement, coordination, standardization, and analysis of data from surveillance systems, in particular National Health Examination Survey for assessment of cardiovascular risk factors in the general population, and population-based registers of coronary and cerebrovascular events; analysis of data for the estimation of CVD prediction models for the assessment of CVD absolute risk in primary prevention in adult population.

He participated as oral speaker or poster presenter to more than congresses; out of them, more than 40 oral presentations were at international congresses some of them as invited speaker ; the remaining presentations included oral speaking in Italian congresses and poster presentations at international or Italian congresses. He also participated as chair in some international and Italian congresses. Iynas is passionate about learning and is interested to gain maximum knowledge in different modalities used in research to capture the best quality data.

Her main areas of interest are personalized medicine, biobanking and biomarkers. Her master thesis has been rewarded by the GMDS e. JH di Donato is involved in the development of Biological Resource Centres and biobanks since 25 years. She works on:. JH di Donato have been involved in establishing and managing the Eurobiobank network since Ian T. Baldwin, working on molecular and genetic characterization of Hydroxygeranyllinallool diterpene glycosides in N. Sophia Turner has a background in biomedical sciences and 18 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering large-scale data and analytics solutions to drive efficiencies and growth for a large number of industries, services and technologies.

Since her own cancer diagnosis, Sophia has specialised in the healthcare sector, leveraging a Business Intelligence and Epidemiological perspective on data combined with the scientific knowledge she gained in molecular biology wet-lab research. Is a Good Biobank an Empty Biobank? When should we be precious about tissue access? Yes, it is true that tissue is a depletable resource but when patients are over-supplying biobanks EthicalTissue and when researchers have questions to answer, what future are we safeguarding it for? This prospective healthy cohort of K people sequenced to the same standards, with questionnaires, routine health records, microbiology, imaging, follow-up and tissue blood, saliva, stool and even potential extension to the children of participants has strict rules around giving tissue to research.

But not all biobanks are born equal. Medical examinations, medical questionnaires and life style questionnaires are part of each visit of a study participant in the study centers. Finally, the participants are asked to give biosamples, including blood, urine, saliva, nasal swaps, and stool. Urine samples are also aliquoted by the Hamilton pipetting robots. Saliva, nasal swaps are filled into storage vials manually.

Together, up to samples are generated per study participant. Proper transport conditions are monitored using temperature loggers. Robotic systems have been developed allowing to retrieve samples fully automated incl. So far At the end of the second recruitment phase of the GNC Fully automated retrieval of samples will be established in She has established multiple biobanks within the MUHC since Her area of expertise focuses on the evaluation of biobanks in primary care within Quebec.

James Thompson is Head of Laboratory of Karolinska Institutet Biobank, in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has implemented and optimized large-scale biobanking. In addition, he has vast experience of biobanking through appointments at the Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet Biobank. He has a PhD in molecular biology and played an essential role in the development of the STHLM3 prostate cancer diagnostic test, which is now being globally implemented.

His current work interest is in the visibility and mobility of biobanked samples through the use of Laboratory Information Management Systems and automated freezers. She gained further profound professional experience, e. Sara Y. Her background is in molecular biology and medical informatics. She has authored more than 90 peer reviewed international publications. She has an extensive experience in the establishment of collections of biological samples for genomic studies. Pasquale De Blasio , is an international manager with more than 40 years experience in industrial and academic positions.

Here she is responsible for the conservation of male gametes in the IZW cryobank and related research on spermatogenesis and sperm biology. Clinical Symposia Vol 46 No 4 Blumenfield, MD. Clinical Symposia Vol 47 No 2 Rogers, Jr, MD. Clinical Symposia Vol 47 No 3 Clinical Symposia Vol 48 No 2 Clinical Symposia Vol 48 No 3 Pendlebury, MD and Paul R.

Soloman, PhD. Clinical Symposia Vol 49 No 3 Summit, New Jersey: Novartis, Article: Management of Asthma by Paul V. Clinically Oriented Anatomy. Clinically Oriented Anatomy, Keith Moore and Arthur Dailey, has become the number one anatomy text for medical and allied health students. It features coverage of anatomy of clinical importance through clinical correlations the famous 'blue boxes' , surface anatomy, and diagnostic imaging.

The text features case studies with discussions at the end of each chapter. Signed and dedicated by both authors. Signed and dedicated by author. Work copy, book shows wear and tear, plus notes by owner. Paris, France: F. Chamerot, L Martinet, This book is of one of the most important texts on the subject during the nineteenth century.

The book includes the first demonstration of the relation between gonorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease, derived from autopsy examinations. This book belonged to the library of Dr. Caupolican Pardo Correa and later the library of Dr. Roberto Aguirre Luco. Tokyo, Japan: Igaki-Shoin, Hardcover, pp. Hardcover, pp, figures, in color. Preface: "Today there exist any number of good anatomical atlases. Consequently, the advent of a new work requires justification.

We found three main reasons to undertake the publication of such a book. First of all, most of the previous atlases contain mainly schematic or semischematic drawings which often reflect reality only in a limited way; the third dimension, i. In contrast, the photo of the actual anatomic specimen has the advantage of conveying the reality of the object with its proportions and spatial dimensions in a more exact and realistic manner than the "idealized", colored "nice" drawings of most previous atlases.

Furthermore, the photo of the human specimen corresponds to the student's observations and needs in the dissection courses. Thus he has the advantage of immediate orientation by photographic by photographic specimens while working with the cadaver. Comparative Anatomy. For the sake of brevity, many details have been eliminated, and compromises and generalizations have had to be made.

Allusions to fossil forms, references to learned works, and terminology have been kept to a manageable minimum. Since developmental events give a better understanding of comparative anatomical details, embryology has been emphasized more than is the usual practice in a course of comparative anatomy. It is neither necessary nor wise to emphasize man to make comparative anatomy interesting for beginning students; such emphasis usually leads to muddled impressions of phylogeny.

In this book references to other animals. An exception to this is made in the chapter on the endoskeleton because human bones are large and can be studied with ease. The study of comparative anatomy should be a thoughtful consideration of moving, changing systems; it should be more than an irksome catalogue of names which must be learned. To really understand comparative anatomy. Spain: Salvat Editores, A gift of and signed by owner Maria Eliana Gallegos C. Compendio De Anatomia y Diseccion. Barcelona, Spain: Salvat Editores, S. Winter, MD.. Tuscon: The Body Press, Griffith tells you, in simple, clearly written charts, what to expect from any illness - from the common cold to life-threatening cancer and heart disease.

Describes disorders that affect everyone from infancy to old age. Supplies up-to-date information on the latest medical treatments, including surgeries and drugs. Concise Text of Neuroscience. Jaqueline Schaffer, Mollie Dunker. Dedicated and signed by the author to his son Dr. Michael M. Jr, Ph. Core Concepts in Anatomy. Betti, Luci. Philadelphia: Lippincott-Raven, Preface by Stern: "I find human structure to be awe-inspiring and beautiful. I never fail to be impressed by the fact that if one looks for a structure where it's supposed to be, there it will be found. I am equally enthralled by the complexities of musculoskeletal functional anatomy and have devoted no small amount of time to research in this field.

Finally, I consider the anatomic basis of clinical medicine every bit it as fascinating as genetic and molecular processes. On my planet, there is no such thing as an anatomy text that is too long. Having read the above, you will be relieved to learn that the idea for Core Concepts in Anatomy came not from me but from Evan Schnittman, former medical editor at Little, Brown and Company.

He knows a reality in which hard-pressed students, no matter how well-meaning and devoted, simply don't have the time to study gross anatomy in the depth that I might hope for. He asked if I could somehow present the most important concepts and facts in a concise book that would prepare a reader for both clinical training and apologizing for the impurity of the thought examinations San Diego: Thunder Bay, Coronary Angiography. Addison-Wesley Pub Co, Coronary Angiography, An introduction to interpretation and technique. Includes a 3-D model. Springhouse, Pennsylvania: Springhouse Corp.

Corporis Humani Anatomiae Liber Primus. Brussels: Frateres T'serstevens, Corporis humani anatomiae liber primus Brussels: apud fratres t'Serstevens, Contemporary calf with red morocco spine label and raised spine bands. The standard period anatomical textbook, oft re-issued, which, according to Choulant, replaced Bertholin's textbook.

Verheyen went to Louvain in to study theology, but after the amputation of a foot studied medicine at Louvain and Leyden instead, obtaining his medical degree from the University of Louvain in There he became professor of anatomy in , and of surgery in Correlative anatomy of the nervous System. This book grew out of the authors' experiences in teaching medical students and interns and residents in the different fields of medicine, and of working with graduate students in anatomy and in allied fields.

The choice of material has been guided by a desire to present the facts useful to the reader and to aid in bridging the gap between the morphology of the nervous system and its application in physiological, in pharmacological, and in allied clinical fields, particularly in neurosurgery and neurology. The writing of the book, begun in the Departrment of Anatomy at the University of Michigan, has been carried on in that department in the Neurosurgical Research Laboratory of the University, and in the Anatomy Department of the University of Pittsburgh.

Cunningham's Text-Book of Anatomy. New York: Oxford University Press, Marks on front cover. Current Practice of Surgical Stapling. Considered the standard book for surgical stapling, this book gives the perspective and history of the introduction of these surgical devices to the USA. Signed by one of the authors.

Felicien Steichen, NY, March Santiago, Chile: This is a collection of printed material as well as typewritten copies that comprise the textbook material for the post-graduate course that prepared medical graduates to teach Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology. This rare material is kept in a book case to prevent damage to some of the most delicate pages. Santiago: Universidad De Chile, This is a unique publication, only one book, on a request to obtain information on the Chilean doctors that one after the other owned several of the books in this library.

Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine. London: Churchill Livingstone, From the preface: "There are major changes in the 12th edition. The chapters on genetics, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the liver and biliary tract psychiatry and tropical disease have been entirely of largely rewritten. Extensive changes have also been made throughout the remainder of the text to keep pace with new developments in rapidly advancing disciplines.

Van Calcar, Stephan, Titian. Brussels: Johannes Oporinus, Brussels, Facsimile edition, folio, woodcut illus. Ilustrations probably done by many - Vesalius and pupils of Titian's school in Venice, perhaps including Jan Stephan van Calcar O'Malley , A fine handsome copy contained in cloth slipcase. It is the first modern treatise on anatomy based on dissection of the human body. De Re Medicina. Very Good "To the medical profession: In offering this publication to the medical profession, Eli Lilly and Company emulates the purpose and title of the original classic work of Celsus, De Re Medicina the first Treatise for Medical Reference published in Florence in This book is a presentation of therapeutic suggestions in common diseases.

Death: Corpses, cadavers, and Other Grave Matters. Minneapolis: Twenty-First Century Books, Miranda by Dr. Elizabeth Murray, gift. What body systems are key for holding on to life? And what value does studying death have for those of us still living? Explore all of the answers with a forensic scientist who takes a look at the body's interconnected cellular systems and the links between life and death". Developmental Anatomy.

Diagnosis and Therapeutic Cardiac Catheterization. Diagnostic Cerebral Angiography. Maack, Julian; Quillman, Lisa-Antionette. Dictionary of Medical Eponyms. This books covers an area where there is complete current reference - medical eponyms- Ex. Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. First published in , Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary is universally acknowledged as the world's finest medical dictionary. Susan Love's Breast Book. Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley Publishing, Preface: "There are many new issues and old issues which we discuss now in light of new findings.

For example, because of the uproar over silicone implants, they are covered at far greater length that they were in the first edition; and new methods of biopsy for breast tissue have changed our approach to fibroadenomas and pseudo lumps. But the area of greatest concern to most readers is breast cancer, and it is here where most of the changes in our knowledge of the breast have occurred. Thus, much of what's new in this edition concerns around that disease Dunmore, Charles; Fleischer. Philadelphia: F. Davis Co, Publishers, This completely revised edition now includes the most current terminology -- straight from Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 19th edition.

This unique text helps your students learn medical terminology from a "classics" approach and includes references to Greek and Latin mythology. In addition, many new illustrations reinforce concepts and highlight various etymological notes.. With a foreword by Owen Wangensteen, MD, this book deals with certain technical maneuvers illustrated by a series of drawings. Educational Programs in Transfusion Medicine. USA: S. Karger, Provenance This book belonged originally to Michael M. Ravitch, Ph. Upon his death, the book became the property of his widow Myrnice Ravitch, who donated the book to the library of Efrain A.

This book has a chapter written by Dr. Ex- Libris EAM []. El Cerebro En Transparencias Anatomicas. USA: Abbott Laboratories, En Castellano. Electrical Stimulation and the Relief Od Pain. Amsterdam: Elsevier, Volume 15 of the Pin Research and Clinical Management book series.

Elementary Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene. Winfield S. Elementi Di Chirugia Operatoria. Rome: Connectgraph, Ethicon library reprint of book, in original italian. Originally published by Nello,Stab. Antonelli Ed. Signature and note on front page. Volume 1 of 3 [] Alfonso, Cristian Mery. Volume 3 of 3 [] Mery Alfonso, Cristian. Volume 2 of 3 [] Tornini, Jorge Fernandez. Elementos De Neuroanatomia. De Medicina. Sede Santiago Norte, This is a copy of the University of Chile Medical School Neuroanatomy book and atlas that was printed each year for the medical students.

Although this book has the year in its cover, it was published in The material in the book is written by Dr.

Jorge Fernandez Tornini. The Atlas contains the first published images hand- drawn by Dr. Miranda in Elementos de Obstetricia.. Barcelona, Spain: J. Verdaguer, It is signed by Dr. Pedro Eliodoro Fontecilla. Dr Fontecilla is considered one of the fathers of Anatomy and Surgery in Chile. He was a well-known surgeon during the battles for the Independence of Chile, in the rebel eventually victorious camp and became the dean of the Medicine Faculty of the University of Chile in This book belonged and is is also signed by Dr. Caupolican Pardo Correa as follows" Recuerdo del Dr.

  1. Golden Rules of Gynecology - Lib.
  2. Dynamics of Arterial Flow.
  3. Joint Meeting, Munich 1968?

Although not signed by him, this book belonged to the library of Dr. This book belonged to three pioneers of Anatomy and Surgery in Chile. Elementos De Patologia Quirurgica General. Madrid, Spain: Nicolas Moya, This book is signed and dated by both Dr. Roberto Aguirre Luco and Dr. Caupolican Pardo Correa Enciclopedia Autodidactica Quillet Tomo I. Encyclopedia of Food Values. New York: Dell, Dordrecht: Springer, Contributors: C. Amanti, A.

Benevento, L. Boni, R. Cammarata, J. Castronuovo, A. Farinon, F. Forte, G Galata, M. Grande, G. Materazzi, F. Micali, P. Miccoli, T. Minero, C. Moretto, F. Mosca, R. Newell, A. Pietrabissa, E. Pompeo, F. Rulli, G. Simonetti, E. Squillaci, G. Cloth, 8vo. Philadelphia, J.

Lippincott CO. Here is a book with a mission which the author has approached with all the zeal of an enthusiast and all the enthusiasm of a zealot. Fortunate is the man whose memory finds such a recorder tdc preserve it. Perhaps the most interesting and not the least important pages of this volume are those which present the attitude of the leaders in surgery in McDowell's time and for a generation thereafter, toward surgical attack. The reaction of the two Hunters to the problem is significant of all.

In I William wrote that he had seen a great number of encysted dropsies of the ovary and yet had never seen one cured. From his. His brother John, however, went a step farther in when he said that " he could not see any reason why, when the disease could be ascertained in an early stage, surgeons should not make an opening into the abdomen and extract the!

The merely making an opening into the abdomen is not highly dangerous. The possibilities of. For reference and information please refer to book in this collection. The books seems to have belonged to Robert Thompson. This second copy is most valuable becasuse of the papers found within the book. There is a copy of a letter from Dr.

McDowell to a Robert Thompson, then a medical student, accounting the first ovariotomy surgery. Included is a note from Dr. There is a copy of Dr. McDowell's prayer, and a page of a Danville newspaper dated Sunday April 15, where the house of Dr. Goldsmith assistant to the first ovariotomy would be transformed into a museum. There is also an invitation to a MCdowell family meeting in Danville. A medical student companion book to clarify eponyms and the anatomical structures to which they refer. Signed and dedicated by the author "With best regards in Santiago, April, ".

Essentials of Orthopaedic Surgery. Essentials of the Principles and Practice of Medicine. Philadelphia: Henry C. Lea, Essentialsof Clinical Anatomy. London: Parthenon Publishing, Signed by Ralph Ger. He was Examiner in Anatomy for the surgical boards of South Africa. He is the co-author of a considerable number of anatomic and radiological texts. Abrahams is a leader in teacher techniques and is at the forefront of the application of advanced technology to this field.

Todd R. Since obtaining his Doctoral Degree in Anatomy a St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School, London, England, he has been teaching anatomy and embryology for over 20 years and has recently authored an atlas of anatomy. Birmingham, Alabama: Leslie B. Adams, Jr, Harvey was one of the first to examine and prove the movement of blood through the circulatory system and begin to change the way anatomists at the time thought of blood and the other humors. Faber's Anatomical Atlas for Nurses and Students. Maxwell, AK. London: Faber and Faber, Ltd. Signed by Elizabeth Steadman, probably previous owner.

Fast Facts: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Oxford: Health Press, Fast Facts is a series of handy guides to clinical practice to support doctors in their busy and changing environments. Relevant, practical information is presented in a concise and easily accessible style. In this book, the bothersome and increasingly prevalent disease, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH is covers by two world experts. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, Preface: "These eight volumes, which developed out of the international congress "Update and Future trends in Fibrin Sealing in Surgical and Nonsurgical Fields" held in November , attempt to present the state of the art concerning fibrin sealing.

Initially fibrin sealant played an important role in surgery. During the past few years, however, it has been increasingly used in nonsurgical applications, and we can now say that it has become a component of medicine in general. The doubts about the efficacy of fibrin sealant, which had ben raised by nonusers, are no longer valid. The correct indication and methodology continue to be basic prerequisites and even today - after 20 years of fibrin sealant renaissance - the three most prominent effects of fibrin sealant still retain their validity: hemostasis, sealing and support of wound healing.

The problems posed by the transmission of viral infections have gained substantially in importance because of the potential transmission of AIDS via fibrin Sealant. Fortunately the transmission of AIDS via fibrin sealant is today so unlikely that it no longer poses a cause for concern. This does not mean, however, that research in this field can be discontinued. Seven years have passed since the last series of books on fibrin sealing were published. Since then many new results have been obtained, in particular regarding wound healing and the incorporation of biomaterials.

We the editors like to thank all the authors for their cooperation and excellent contributions and photographs. Their work has made these eight volumes on fibrin sealing possible. Waclawiczek; R. Placeholder Catalog number, No. Wallwiener; H. Foundations of Anatomy and Physiology. Preface: " In writing this book we have tried to introduce the subject of Anatomy and Physiology in as simple a form as possible.

We have introduced, as far as possible, up-to-date anatomical terminology and have excluded outdated nomenclature. We have tried to illuminate the text with comprehensive diagrams and, for clarity, many of these are coloured. It is to be hoped that the student will be able to acquire a sound knowledge of the subject, by using these diagrams, by examining and handling anatomical models and bones, as well as from the text.

Functional Human Anatomy. Hickman, Frances Miller. New York: Prentice Hall Press, Preface: "The aim of the present work is to present to students of elementary human anatomy a functional interpretation of bodily structures. It is designed especially to meet the needs of pre-medical students, students of physical education, and others who are interested in the basic principles of functional and descriptive anatomy.

No preliminary training in the biological sciences on the part of the student has been assumed, although such is of course of great value in that the student has a clearer conception of basic terms of structure Fundamente Medicinae Theoretico-Practicae. Venice, Italy: Bartholomeus Baronchelli, Book in Latin, describing the theoretical and practical aspects of Medicine as known in The book is incredibly detailed in semiotics as well as giving detailed description of pathologies and prescriptions for the different diseases.

Bound in soft vellum, this book has the name of the book hand-written in the back in the style of the period. Some worming. McDermott, Teri J. From the introduction: "The Family Medical Guide is designed to help the one person who is responsible for your health - and perhaps for the health of your entire family - you.

You are the only one who can observer your health and regulate your personal health habits on a daily basis. You are the only one who decides what you eat, how you exercise, when you sleep, and where you go when a medical problem occurs. You are the one who wants to protect your good health and prevent illness.

You are the one who wishes to avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor while at the same time becoming informed about when you should see a physician and what the field of medicine can do. How can you intelligently fulfill these goals? Grant was known for his reliance on logic, analysis, and deduction as opposed to rote memory. While at the University of Manitoba, Dr.

In , Dr. Grant accepted the position of Chair of anatomy at the University of Toronto. He stressed the value of a "Clean: dissection, with the structures well defined. This required the delicate touch of a sharp scalpel, and students soon learned that a dull tool was an anathema. Instructive dissections were made available in the anatomy museum, a means of student review on which Dr.

Grant placed a high priority. Many of these illustrations have been included in Grant's atlas of anatomy. Grant's Atlas of Anatomy. Signed by owner SM [] Agur, M. Grant's Dissector. Gray's Anatomy. Great Britain: Churchill Livingstone, A standard reference for more than years, this book contains nearly everything you need to know about the human body--from its simplest parts to its most complicated systems. An enlightening voyage of discovery into the nature of our bodies.

Engravings by H. Gray's Anatomy for Students. Philadelphia: Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier, Now, Churchill Livingstone is proud to launch this completely new addition to the Gray's Anatomy family that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of today's anatomy students. Preface: "The addition of well over a hundred new illustrations, including a considerable group of color pictures, has increased the size of the book very materially, but also, I believe, its value.

I have no apology to make for the profusion of illustrations in many of the chapters, especially those dealing with the more important lesions described in this book, especially since so many of them depict the numerous variations in pattern with which the student of gynecological pathology will wish to be familiar. There has also been a substantial increase in the number of illustrations of gross lesions. I am deeply indebted to the Williams and Wilkins Company for their generous permission to use in the present work a considerable number of pictures included in my "Textbook of Gynecology" published by them.

The text itself takes full cognizance of all worthwhile additions to our knowledge since the publication of the first edition, and the lists of references and appended to the various chapters have been brought up to date. These are not of course meant to be exhaustive, but they do give the student a working list of the more worthwhile contributions bearing on the various subjects.

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